Casinos distribute comps to players through three different channels:

  1. Player’s Club Programs also known as Slot Club Programs
  2. Direct Mail Offers and email offers
  3. Hosts or Player Development Executives

Note: Direct Mail Offers and Hosts use slot club tracking to award comps.


Sorry to report these links are no longer active due to copyright issues.

In 2007   Louis Theroux spent a weekend in Las Vegas as part of  a television series for the BBC. Louis Theroux, son of travel writer and novelist Paul Theroux, is known for bringing his low-key and somewhat intellectual style to unusual and  exotic situations and topics.

The six links below will take you to to You Tube for the video, note there are a few hiccups at the start of the first video, but then its smooth sailing.

The six videos document Louis’s interaction with some of the top gamblers at the Las Vegas Hilton. It is interesting to see host interaction with high-rollers and as Louis frequently points out, never forget who pays the host’s salary.

Part One: Louis Theroux: “Gambling in Las Vegas” Meet the Canadian Mattress King.

Part Two: Louis Theroux: “Gambling in Las Vegas” Two salesmen on a weekend blitz; Mattress King plays Roulette at $5,000 a spin.

Part Three:  Louis Theroux: “Gambling in Las Vegas”

Part Four:  Louis Theroux: “Gambling in Las Vegas” Mattress King gets a $3000 Neiman Marcus comp.

Part Five:  Louis Theroux: “Gambling in Las Vegas” Mattress King hits the high limit slots.

Part Six:  Louis Theroux: “Gambling in Las Vegas” Louis puts $3,000 of his own money at risk and wins!

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