The following is a very informative post, from the Yahoo Group Casino Comps circa beginning 2009.

RFB versus RFB Plus

Note RFB= Room, Food and  Beverage all comped, although most casinos have different levels of RFB.

I will chime in here after reading some of the posts which touched on
being comp’ed RFB and RFB/Plus. I am a long time East Coast Player
not a Vegas player except for a couple of trips but I have a steady
flow of hosts that contact me through other hosts and the couple of
trips I have made to Vegas in 2006. The latest was a contact from an
upper lever (Executive Level) host/director at MGM and its properties.
Here is what the email said and this was in response to a first email
from him asking me if I would like to attend the Superbowl Party this

First MGM-Mirage Host / Guest Exchange

(1st Email)
MGM: “Just a quick email to invite you to join us Super Bowl weekend
in Las Vegas (Jan.30th thur Feb2nd). Whether it’s Mandalay Bay, MGM
Grand or Bellagio, our Super Bowl parties are as good as any in the
city. If Super Bowl doesn’t work for you how about 2 weeks later for
Billy Joel in concert at The MGM (you can stay at any MGM Property and
still attend the concert. ‘etc., etc.’

(My Response Back)
Me: Full comp, RFB/Plus???

How Play at One Property can get you Comped at another Property, Host Talk to One Another, Even at Distant Cities

(2nd Email)
MGM: The casino play we show for you (your one occasion at The
Bellagio and I don’t think you stayed with us) qualifies you for room,
food & beverage comps. However, we show only the one trip for you.

(My Response Back)
Me: Only twice to LV. Once to The Bellagio day trip and I stayed 2′x
at The Venetian and don’t care to again. You can contact my long time
host at The Atlantic City Hilton (and I gave htme the full contact
info for him), etc. Please call him to verify and that way you’ll know
exactly what you can feel comfortable to offer me and stick by it.

(3rd Email)
MGM: Confirmed your play in Atlantic City and yes, that type of play
qualifies you for our private parties and for your RFB Plus to be
comped for you and a guest. Please call or email us to let me know
which MGM property you would like to stay.

(My Last Response Back)
Me: What type of suite are you offering and we are talking a suite
correct? Thanks.

How Type of Comped Rooms are Determined at MGM-Mirage, by Committee

(4th Email)
MGM: All room allocation go to a suite committee for big weekends
(New Years, Championship Boxing Events, Super Bowel and Holidays,
etc). I don’t believe you have told me which property you desire to
stay at but here is a little inside info you can ponder about decide.
Customers staying at MGM Grand have a better chance of getting a
larger and nice room or suite than if stayed at Bellagio. Staying at
Treasure Island or Monte Carlo will give you a better chance of
getting a nicer room–compared to staying at MGM Grand. So it’s up to
the Suite Committee based on the volume of business over Super Bowl
weekend at each particular MGM Mirage Property (but bear in mind you
can eat at any MGM Mirage restaurant at any MGM Mirage Property.
Etc.,etc., (and lots of sales talk why I should play at the MGM

Note: It was also further explained to me from another member of The
MGM Mirage Sales Team that, for full RFB/Plus at their properties
overall it takes a $700.00/average bet for a bare min. of 4 hours per
day table games. Average bet is derived from your 2nd, 8th, 16th,
etc.,etc., bet if you are playing about the same amount. However if
you play considerable swings in your bets, like $50.00 then $500.00 a
hand, your average bet will be almost always really be lower than what
you really do play.

Also I was told that a customer can stay at any one of the MGM Mirage
Properties and play at the another casino within the MGM Mirage
Property and have that play count towards his RFB comp at where the
customer is staying.

I hope this helps some of you who are full RFB players and were
curious how they assign suites to a customer.

How much play to get full RFB at MGM-Mirage in Las Vegas?

As the above post states:

“MGM Mirage Sales Team that, for full RFB/Plus at their properties
overall it takes a $700.00/average bet for a bare min. of 4 hours per
day table games.”

no one deals like we do!

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  1. You can’t use one number for MGM MIRAGE RFB. It is vastly different from Bellagio than it is for Luxor

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