Casinos use various methods to distribute comps to their patrons, most require the player to sign-up for a casino players card. The players card looks like a credit card, and often functions in the casino like a credit card. Often if you are a first time guest at a casino’s hotel, they will have a player’s card waiting for you when you check-in the hotel. If you are not a guest at the casino’s hotel or if the hotel did not make you a player’s card go to the player’s club desk and have them make you a card. It’s as simple as handing your driver’s license to the person at the club desk and having them type your name and home address into the casino’s computers. Some casinos have machines that simply scan the information on your driver’s license into the casinos database.  Casinos often give new enrollees special coupons or other offers when they initially sign-up for their    players cards. These can be valuable, considering you haven’t even given the casino any play, yet..

Once you have your casino player’s card it is important to use the card while you gambling. This entails inserting the card into the card reader if you are playing a slot machine, or presenting it to the dealer or pit boss if you are playing a table game. The dealer is the person actually dealing the cards or running the game if you are playing roulette, while the pit boss is the dealer’s supervisor and oversees several table games in a given part of the casino. Once you have inserted your card into the slot machine or presented your card to the dealer, your play is now being “tracked”, which means you are now earning comps.

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