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Video Poker is one of the best games for earning comps in a casino. Most important among the reasons video poker is a great game to play to earn comps is that it is a game of skill, which allows the player to “trick” the casino into thinking that you are a more valuable customer for the casino than they really are. Additionally, games are available to satisfy just about any level of gambler, from high-roller to low-roller. Finally, but by no means least in importance, video poker is fun! Video Poker has become so popular, in many locals casinos in Las Vegas it has practically taken over the whole gaming floor. The game seems to have the right balance of player involvement via the discard decisions, but is not so taxing as to impede the fun.

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The first thing to understand about comps is how they are awarded. Casinos award comps to customer’s based on how valuable the customer is to the casino, that only seems fair. Keep in mind that actually being valuable to the casino is not a good thing for you. The ideal situation for any casino patron is to appear much more valuable to the casino than they really are to the casino. The bottom line is valuable to the casino means losing money to the casino, and that is certainly not your goal. Fortunately there is away to appear much more valuable to the casino than you really are, and this involves playing games of skill.

Casinos award comps based on the patron’s theoretical loss value to the casino.

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